This semi-crunchy family

Semi-crunchy. It’s the designation I’ve come to find best describes our family after six months of being parents. I suppose I always was semi-crunchy, but I didn’t know what would happen after our daughter came a few days before Christmas last year. Now, six months in, I can safely designate us as semi-crunchy. What will we look like in six more months? I have no idea.

For now, we are doing the best we can to make changes in our life that help the planet and the animals and people that live here. At the same time, we are human, make mistakes, have limited time and resources and still need to function in a city. So could we be greener? Yes. But we’re trying. Semi-crunchy.

We are trying to raise our daughter to be empathetic, confident, creative, and true to herself. We’re making efforts to keep a connection with nature, raise our daughter to respect the planet she lives on and do what we can do fight global warming, the plasticizing of our planet, the loss of animals and habitat.

Please don’t expect a typical mommy blog. It isn’t my place to plaster my daughter’s face all over the internet. She can decide how public or private she wants to be when she’s older. I want to concentrate on the adults in this family and what we are doing to try and live our values. Hope you decide to follow along.

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