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Comma butterfly
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Sentences of Tumblr and Twitter

Did you see this piece on Medium the other day?

I think the way language evolves is so interesting, and it’s part of what keeps my job fun. Just how far can you push alternate sentence structures or slang before they no longer make sense to readers? Especially when readers are a kind of faceless spectrum from all over the world, of all different ages. At what point do people just think it’s a mistake?

I have been seeing some of these things in novels and commentary online, and when it’s done right, I think it works well. There’s a personality behind the words. But I also think it’s difficult. Too much is overkill, not enough does look like a mistake.

On the flip side, is your Twitter voice different from longer pieces? Should they be the same or can they be different? As I think about this, I’ve realized I have a much harder time letting my voice come out in Twitter than I do in fiction writing, or even in pieces for work. While it may mean I’m just long-winded, I think Twitter feels a lot more personal yet public. And when it’s instantaneous, it’s easier to say something incorrectly. When there is time to edit, it’s easier to let personality shine. Of course, that might be an introvert thing, too.

It’s fun watching the internet change language, seeing grammar geeks arguing about the shifts and actually discussing said shifts among other grammar geeks. We’ve moved beyond LOL and the oxford comma, though that darn comma still remains a sore point for a lot of people. I wonder what the next 10 years are going to look like?

(My search on Flickr for comma displayed all these “Comma” butterflies. Who knew?)

Floating balloons
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National Grammar Day

Happy (belated) National Grammar Day! I’d forgotten it was on March 4 until I scrolled through my Twitter feed that morning. Good ol’ Twitter, keeping me informed about very important holidays.

My two favorite grammar-related links from the day:


Cherry blossom tree
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Around the internets: February edition

Why is it that there are only two fewer days in February, yet the month seems to lose an entire week?

• Some great writers at this conference.
This is a neat way to find new authors.
Going for the jugular.
• Is Lady Mary a sociopath? (Nothing to do with writing, this one just made me laugh.)
• Loved this piece.
• This site always has fun desktop images, but these are some of my favorites.
• Do you listen to any of these?

Scrabble tiles
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Word games

My favorite board games are word games. Though the occasional mindless game of Yahtzee or Uno is fine, my husband and I tend to gravitate toward Scrabble and the like when it’s just the two of us. I think it’s because we’re evenly matched.

We’re always looking for new games, since some word games are great while others fall flat after one play. So when I happened upon a post about something called Crap Scrabble, I had to click. Have you read this from the Bloggess?

I’d start collecting old Scrabble tiles if I wasn’t on a purging quest.

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Around the internets: December edition

Goodbye 2014, hello new year (and hello new template … long story. This one will probably be tweaked as time goes by.) Here are a few things to read while you’re counting down to the countdown.

• A bit confused and very interested in checking out this book.
• NYT book round-up: best the editors have read this year.
A drinking game to fit in before the holidays are officially over.
• More NYT books—these for those who like to judge a book by its cover.
• The world’s best-paid musicians. Some of these are unexpected.
Yes. I think this is part of the reason I’ve learned to love Seattle’s gray days—it brings with it that bit of melancholia.
For the runners. (Not sure I could stop myself from voicing what I’m thinking with a few of these things.)

Cheers to 2015!

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Around the internets: November edition

Oops, it’s already December. Leftovers after all the leftovers, then.

• Love these.
• More HP, reimagined.
• Have you seen “Interstellar”? Easter eggs from the film.
• Emoji defined.
Advice for a writing habit.
• Building mental muscle.
• A favorite police blotter entry from the month.
• Did you see Prince on SNL at the beginning of the month?
So much work.
Obsessed with Serial? I am.