2018 resolutions

We are now three days into the new year. The last year was the fastest year of my life–our daughter turned one around Christmas, and quite honestly, I felt pregnant far longer than her first year seemed to take.

With the change in calendar year, I always feel like taking on new challenges, starting new projects and seeing how I can try to better myself in the next 12 months. I’m a resolution maker. I would say one resolution tends to stick, though I make a whole list. But one is better than nothing, right?

Since goal people always say you should put your goals out into the world so people hold you accountable, I’m making my list of resolutions public on this blog. I’ll probably forget to ever check back in on how they are going, but maybe by putting them out into the universe instead of just putting them in my journal the universe will provide a bit of help if (when) I need it.

I categorized my resolutions three ways: health, family and personal.

Eat more whole grains—I’ve been vegan more than nine years, so overall my diet is quite healthy. And while I should really be trying to give up sugar, I’m not ready for that. So this year, I want to try eating more whole grains and fewer white breads and pastas. With this goal comes the goal of learning to bake with whole grains. I want to learn because it’s healthier for me and it’s healthier for the planet. There is far less waste (especially plastic waste) if I make bread at home. Besides, who doesn’t like a house that smells like fresh bread? After bread, we’re going to move on to trying to make pasta. Yum.
Work out on a regular schedule—Obviously, exercise went on the back burner after having my daughter. A C-section is no joke, and now, more than a year later, I can still tell where my muscles were sliced open when I run. I never realized how long it can take a body to heal after something traumatic like birth. So I tried hard to be gentle with myself last year while healing. Now, it’s time to get back to working out. I miss the feeling of being physically tired. My current goal, during these cold, dark months, is to get out on Tuesdays for a run with my daughter. This week we went 3.9 miles on a walk/run. Not too shabby. My ultimate goal is to run another marathon. I really want to finish one post-baby. Even if it’s five years post baby. So this year? Two races. A 5k and a 10k.
Drink more water—If you’ve never breastfed a baby, you don’t know how thirsty a person can be. I was really good about drinking lots of water when my daughter was nursing more and it was hot out. But once the weather cools off, it becomes harder to drink water. Plus, she’s not nursing as much so that unquenchable thirst isn’t constantly lingering. This leaves me with days I forget to drink enough water and wind up with a headache. Time to change that. Time to tape my water bottle to my hand.

Cook more off-the-cuff and use freezer shortcuts more—This has turned into a fun resolution. I want to learn to cook outside of following a recipe. I also want to try making my own broths and sauces and freezing them so they’re ready to toss with whatever vegetables happen to be in season. This has morphed a bit as I talked about these ideas with my husband, and we have launched a new project at lentilinmyeye.wordpress.com. Go check it out! One meal, once a month, no cookbook allowed. It’s going to be fun!
Freelance more—Now that I have a one-year-old, it’s time to freelance more. I’m hoping to get to at least part-time. Our family could use the extra money (who couldn’t?) to help meet our family goals of being environmentally responsible (we have some big appliances to replace that would definitely cut down on waste, among other, smaller things). Plus, I miss working as a writer and editor. (So if you need any writing or editing work, check out my site at stacybooth.com.)
Plant a garden—I have tried growing a garden in the past. It didn’t go well. But I’d like to teach my daughter where our food comes from, and a small garden at home is one place to start. I’m thinking this summer we’re going to plant an herb garden. It seems easier than growing vegetables and herbs only come in plastic around here. Plus they’re expensive. So I’d much rather walk out our front door to cut some basil or mint instead of opening a plastic case that holds a tiny amount of herb.

Read more—My reading has taken a nose dive in the last year. I need to stop watching drivel on Netflix and Amazon and start getting my nose back in a book. My to-be-read list is ridiculous, so I need to start attacking it with vigor.
Finish my novel—I’m slowing chipping away at this, and this is the year I want to whip it into shape so I can shop it around.
Organize the basement—We finished the attic in our house, and in the process, most of our living room and kitchen had to be boxed up and moved to the basement for a time. Many of those boxes are still there. It’s a disaster, and it’s like this big weight sitting in the pit of our house. Time to clean it up and organize things down there. The rest of the house is relatively organized … or as good as it can be with a kid running around. Time to fix the mess behind the basement door.

There they are! Someone remind me in three months to check in and see how these are going.


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